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Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

Knowing what marketing strategies are best to use has always been a challenge. With more and more marketing channels in the horizon, it is now now even more difficult to see which ones work the most. How to start?

Introduce yourself online.

As an insider joke among digital marketers says, unless Google knows about your existence, you really don’t have any. Well, it’s a joke, but either way, this is quite a big issue.Luckily, doing this couldn’t be simpler: get online, add your business on Google, and ensure that every bit of business information you have entered is accurate. This will make it easier for people to find you and communicate with you when they run an Internet search.

Search-optimize your content.

First and foremost, determine what keywords you should use, and make it a point to use them on your website. However, don’t just put them everywhere or the search engines might just ban your site outrightBut be careful not to stuff them anywhere as you could be penalized by search engines, if not totally banned. Most importantly, make content that is relevant to your business, especially topics that are likely to catch your prospective customers attention.Thus, if you’re offering application portfolio management services, provide content related to application portfolio management. Remember, Google won’t find you if you’re talking about problems that are not relevant to your customers.

Use social media wisely.

You need to be right where everyone is, and that’s social media, especially the big three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedI. But make sure not to commit the mistake that several have. Instead of being a static, emotionless figure out there, engage your page visitors. Be an active member of the social community, and when your customers or would-be customers talk to you or about you, respond sincerely. It’s no different from making friends in real life: it’s impossible unless you do it from the heart.

Put yourself in front of everyone.

Marketing using a computer is great, but you don’t stop there. You need to put yourself in front of and amongst your community. For example, send one of your employees tonetworking conferences, in which they will introduce themselves and business while establishing connections.Know which networking groups exist in your area, or better yet, sponsor one of them.

Yes, email is still alive – and effective.

Finally, understand that email is far from dead. Social media marketing is undoubtedly effective, but remember that the people who will actually read your message will be few. With an email campaign, you can be sure that the big majority of your audience will actually find your message in their inbox. Now it’s up to you to make your email interesting enough for your recipients to wan to open it.

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