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Factors to Consider When Buying a Rosin Press

When buying a rosin press, you can skip all the trouble of getting a heat plate kit, a harbor freight shop press and the other tools you require. Always go for an all in one unit; it will save you from a lot of trouble. It is unlikely that you may have the expertise to build a rosin press, and you will end up consuming a lot of time before you are ready. Instead of a homemade kit, go for a unit that is already built. Cheap shop presses may seem like a cost-effective choice, but they will be expensive since they will not serve you for long making you replace them every time. Get one that is of quality, although at a higher cost, they will avoid wastage of material.

Make sure you are guided by quality and not on quantity alone. For top quality you can get an equipment made in the US which is made from the best material which will assure you durability and efficiency. They will have a longer lifespan than the substandard kits which are simply re-purposed presses. With high quality, you will be able to save on cost that you would have used for replacements, they will also give more output. Rosin pressing focuses on output and quality, a decent press can offer a yield more than 2o percent.

A lot of the home-assembled presses and shop rosin presses are cheap hydraulic presses which are more likely to break down. These kind of presses will result to contaminated rosin since they scatter small amounts of the old from the machine into the air. A pneumatic cylinder press should be your choice since they are oil-less and will give uncontaminated rosin. Don’t be deceived, getting a cheaper one will need oiling too which won’t be good for your rosin.

Most of these kits you will come across are antiquated in design where the kinds of chemicals they use can be dangerous to you. Go for rosin presses that have features that guarantee you higher standards of safety. Look for any kit that doesn’t use chemicals, If possible go for one that doesn’t use volatile extraction means.

It is important that you also the look of your heat plate. You are bound to get compromised yields and terpenes that are burnt when using square heat plates. A square heat plate will make the oil move longer and hold more heat longer. For higher output and prevent burning of the terpenes go for a narrow heat plates. Make sure they are made of aluminum as they will distribute heat better.

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