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Takeaway Signs that Someone Uses Meth

Meth has crystals in its powder which can be in brown or white color. One common way of using this is by smoking it but it some are taking it orally and some are through injections. When dealing with this situation, it is guaranteed to cause the people dearest to the user to feel worried and stressed; fortunately, there’s help. Are you puzzled if someone dear to you like a friend, family member etc. is using one but afraid to confront them if you are wrong?

In this case, I strongly advise that you read the next lines to be able to learn more about the signs of meth use.

Number 1. Watch out for physical signs – whether you believe it or not, there are many physical signs and symptoms that can be associated to a person who is using meth. But you must be aware of the fact that everyone shows different signs.

Meanwhile, dilated eyes, eye twitching as well as weight loss are signs that are most common. While it is hard to notice these changes, look for the changes in their teeth. With regards to meth use, tooth decay is extremely common. You might have already heard of “meth mouth”. Good thing is that, experienced dentists can provide their service and improve these damaged teeth considerably.

Apart from that, you can look for track marks or even spots of skin damage. Meth users are compulsively scratching their face and because of this, you can notice that many of them have lesions.

Number 2. Learn the psychological signs of meth use – not all signs of substance abuse can be seen with the eyes. Your loved one or friend may be using it if you notice that they’ve euphoria, tremors or heightened alertness and energy.

The tweaking or tremors of the arms as well as the legs are fairly common with heavy and prolonged usage. Then, paranoia, aggression and hallucinations are other known symptoms for long term abuse. Meth users may also face trouble sleeping and feeling of isolating themselves from the world.

Number 3. Behavioral changes – many users may act abnormally after using this drug or when trying to withdraw themselves from it. These psychological symptoms normally can lead to unsafe sexual activity and even fight constantly between loved ones. If you notice that your friend or loved one is showing such symptoms more and more, then you might be right with your assumptions.

You might need to spend some time in figuring out to know more about signs of meth use.